"Muziek op Schoot" means Music on the Lap: Music with under-fours. Many foreign parents join one of my groups with their child,often following their joining of DelftMaMa.

Music on the Lap

In this course you are playing together with your child with music: singing, dancing, and learning in a playfull way. Riding horse on the lap, massage, drumming, and most of all: enjoying music. We play with toys like balls, blocks, puppets, but also with musical instruments: all kinds of rattles, drums, flutes. You and your child will discover a lot of toys on which you can play nice music and play musical games with.

Baby Drumming

The songs are partly dutch traditionals and partly newly written songs. Especially the new songs are about playfull learning: motoric, musically, sences, emotionally, social, cognitiv, etcetera. Also practical solutions for brushing teeth, walking and caring.

Young baby's will experience the music and the touches of their carer most of the time and will make their first reactions to this. The older kids can do more by themselves and play together with the others and with you.

The songs have simple lyrics and will be handed out every lesson. Also we do a lot of soundsinging, which is an international language.

Course-dates and Registration

On location in the city of Delft weekly courses are scheduled on Friday-mornings and Saturday-mornings.

New music courses will start in January (10 lessons), May (5 lessons) and September (10 lessons)

You may apply for my mailing list for the courses by mailing me your child's name, date of birth and your telephone-number. When registration starts you will receive an email for signing in.

Every newly started course is a unique one, made especially with the specific group in mind.

In the mornings there are three groups: at 9, 10 and 11 o'clock. The youngest group is first, the oldest in the third group.On Fridays there is also a young baby group (4-10 months old) at 13o'clock.


All lessons except the babygroup on Friday are given at 'de Salon' of restaurant Huszar, Hooikade 13 2627 AB, Delft

Friday's babygroup location is: Laan van Braat 33.


For more information or to register please contact via Email