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Music games, Old songs, New songs, Enjoy with your child, Development stimulus

What is Muziek op Schoot?

In short, it is: playing with music. The Muziek op Schoot focuses on playing music together with your child. We sing, dance and play on (children's) musical instruments. In this way, the musical foundation is laid in a professional way: your child experiences the music in various ways in the game: through carrying dance, touch games, lap game, movement game and with all kinds of creative musical materials.

It's called 'Muziek op Schoot' because it symbolizes the period in which your child still does a lot with you, so don't take 'on your lap' too literally 🙂

With the help of practical songs and music games, daily activities such as cleaning up, brushing teeth and walking become a game. The bond with your child, enjoying each other and playing together, is paramount. You can expect “musical sweets”: surprising musical experiences for parent and child.

In Delft (Friday and Saturday mornings) I give these lessons for which you can register with your child from 0 to 4 years old. I am also a music teacher at day care centers.

In addition to my conservatory education, I am a certified Muziek op Schoot teacher.

Muziek op Schoot

A fixed weekly moment with your child… That is really enjoyment! You follow this together with your child (ren), grandchild, babysitter, ... Some parents take turns. The songs are distributed to have a reminder at home.

The Muziek op Schoot uses blocks to musical instruments, all kinds of live music played for the children and beautiful recordings. Do not be afraid, it is not assumed that everyone can sing very well! It is about the fine contact with your child.

Each Muziek op Schoot series is “tailor-made”: they are always specially made for your group, so no series is exactly the same. This means that not only the time of year is taken into account, but especially that it responds to the development and interests of the children in the group. It is also possible to come up with special requests. For example with a specific development area or practical questions: brushing teeth, putting on coats, changing games, massage….

The youngest babies their curiosity is aroused with musical sound games. Their need for touch is reflected in the massage and touch games and their need for movement with rattles, lap and bear dance. The babies are amazed by live music on flute, harp, guitar and much more!

From toddler age, children love peekaboo music, discovery and movement. Muziek op Schoot grows with the needs of the children with discovery songs and creative musical materials that are fun to recreate at home. Shy children are given time to get used to and active children are given the opportunity to move. Children are very early acquainted with learning to play through all their senses. Different sounds, materials, shapes, colors, movement, variety and repetition in the way of playing and making music. Parents are often amazed at how excited children get about musical play when they get to know it!

The toddlers prefer variety and fantasy play. The Muziek op Schoot fully responds to this, with the development phase in which the children are being seen: because every meeting is adapted to the children in the group, there is always enough challenge for every child. The musical instruments are increasingly 'real' and toddlers are stimulated to discover more and more ways of playing per instrument, making them increasingly creative in their playing.

Muziek op Schoot is also a great way for non- Dutch speaking parents and children to be aware of the basics of the Dutch language and to get to know the songs from Dutch culture.

As also appears from several studies: music connects, stimulates the child in development and strengthens social capacity! But… the most important thing is that you enjoy it together!